Quality and Washing

All fabrics are picked with great care by Leg-Inc and are purchased in limited quantities.
We choose our materials on the following qualities: Our fabrics are either made of polyester/elastane or viscose/elastane.
These are bi-stretch materials which enable our Leg-Inc's to keep their perfect fit when wearing them.
The viscose alternative has the pleasant property that in warm conditions it has a cooling effect and when cold it keeps your warmth in.
The polyester alternative is the only one that can have a glossy coating which gives a Leg-Inc extra spatial quality.
In our webshop you can find the product information for each individual Leg-Inc.

Washing Instructions

Hand wash in cool water.

The fabrics we use are either polyester with elastane or viscose with elastane. Both liked to be washed by hand. Place your Leg-Inc in cool or temperate water and add a little white vinegar. We prefer vinegar while it’s great for eliminating funky odors, it helps to remove soap residue and it prevents fading of colors and extends the life of colored clothes, by making them colorfast. Rinse thoroughly and take care care not to handle the clothing roughly. Never squeeze, bunch up, or wring out rayon clothing to remove water, as this can tear the delicate fibers. Don’t soak it for too long.

Line dry. 

When your Leg-Inc is washed, remove and gently shake it to remove moisture. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands. Then, hang on a non-metal wire to dry (metal wires can leave rust spots).

•Alternatively, you can use a drying rack or simply dry your clothing on a clean, flat surface. washing your clothes by hand is a good way to save your clothes and extend their lifetime.