Mini Leg-Inc


MINI Leg-Inc

Mini Leg-Inc designs pants which kids really want to wear everyday, it’s fashionable candy! Wearing a Mini Leg-Inc, boys and girls can be playful as cool together. They have a superduper comfortable fit and are absolutely playproof! Kids love the hysteric and unique designs and are absolutely over the moon by wearing one, especially when mommy wears the same one from Leg-Inc. Print on print, print combined with a simple uni sweater or dress. Wear them however you want or feel like, it’s a party every day!

All our “Grown-Up” Leg-Inc’s can be made in Mini. So pick your favorite print from our collection and order the size you need for your kid by sending us a mail: or use the CONTACT US form. Find the right size in the chart below. Or come to our shop, we have a lot more fabrics then we offer on our website! Why? Because we make the Mini Leg-Inc’s from the left-over fabrics. So we have a lot “vintage” Leg-Inc fabrics which will be used for the Mini’s!

NEW: Mini Flare-Inc. We offer now all Mini’s in a wide leg Flare option! It’s €5,- extra for each size. For example: If you’ll order size 122-128 in Mini Flare-Inc, it will be €35,- + €5,- = €40,- ! Don’t forget when order online, beside mentioning the size of your kid, the inner leg size until the ground. ( from crotch till the ground). Every piece is custom made, because of the length.

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