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It all started when…

…we met each other in our passion for clothing and something as simple as a legging came on our path. We found out that with the right fabric and a better fit it was more than just a legging, it was even better than pants. While working in our studio we founded Leg-Inc. We were excited about it and we soon noticed others were as well. There was no PR-strategy or business plan; we just started doing what came natural and followed our intuition. Looking for cool fabrics, finding out the best pattern, struggling with different machines and even the best thread had to be found. Our concept is to sew each piece by ourselves, because we believe in an honest production.

We also had to puzzle our different qualities into a working entity. 
Now we are the two legs that make Leg-Inc.

There was a big step to be made. We had to bring our product "out there" for everybody to see, to feel, to fit. We needed a window to show Leg-Inc to the world. We found a little shop in the heart of Amsterdam where we could create from our heart. With loads of help from the people around us, to whom we owe so much, we made ourselves a place that radiates joy. Since 2017 we moved to a beautiful and bigger place at the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam West.

Now you are reading this on our website. With this webshop we want you to feel the joy as well. Take a look around and choose with your heart.


Handmade in Holland, b(u)y us.


About the Leg-Inc

The Leg-Inc has been created to accentuate the female forms, they are attractive and stylish and will contribute to your confidence. Leg-Inc's are made of high quality fabrics with astonishing designs and stylish prints.

Our Leg-Inc's have a perfect fit for every woman. They are all equipped with: 
+ An extra high, close-fitting waistband. (Nobody wants love handles, do they?) 
+ The legs are extra long which give you extra length and are without an outside seam.
+ Our well-tailored pattern makes your feminine silhouette come out gorgeous.

Leg-Inc is not an accessory but it is your starting point to create your daily style.

Leg-Inc will give a second life to your wardrobe because mixing them with your existing garments will create numerous new stunning outfits.

Our Leg-Inc's give your self-confidence a boost and are a magnet for compliments!

Contact us!

Do you have a question/ note or just chitchat? Or are you a Stylist and want to work with Leg-inc? Just fill in the contact form and we will keep in touch!

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About our shop

Our Leg-inc store in the real world (with real people) is @ the Bilderdijkstraat 200H in Amsterdam.

If you cannot figure out what to choose or you want to know how the Leg-Inc's look on you, please be welcome in our shop in Amsterdam.

We are thrilled to help you find which leg-inc fits your personality the best. We love to take a good look at YOU. It's a real experience and it’s nice to see us working in our studio. We take all the time for you and try different styles, we like to challenge you with prints you’ve never had thought off. The vibe is always good in our shop!

TUESDAY		10.00-18.00
WEDNESDAY		10.00-18.00 
THURSDAY		10.00-18.00
FRIDAY			10.00-18.00
SATURDAY		10.00-18.00